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    Monitoring WAN links terminated on Ethernet port

      Dear All,

      As you must be aware Metro Ethernet links are terminated on Ethernet port of router, but the actual bandwidth allocated by the service provider would be lesser then the interface bandwidth of 100Mbps. As in out case though the link is terminated on 100Mbps Ethernet port but the actual capacity of the link is 2Mbps.

      So we edited the bandwidth capacity using interface property in the Orion device configuration menu to reflect 2Mbps. Now the graph shows link capacity as 2Mbps but the Percentage utilization graph shows utilization exceeding 1600%. Even the Mbps graph shows traffic exceeding 2Mbps mark.

      Kindly advise if there is any other configuration to be done so that the graph shows proper utilization and doesn’t exceed the bandwidth capacity of the link.

      Thanks & Regards

      Vinod Dhure.


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          You really should consider configuring the interface with the actual bandwidth of the circuit.

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            Did you change this in the System Manager on the Orion server? From there you can right click on the interface in question and choose Interface details. Next you will click on the Custom Bandwidth check box and then adjust the transmit and receive bandwidth to their appropriate values.

            I have not experienced the problem that you are reporting after following these steps.

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                Dear All,

                As mentioned befor we have already dont the custom setting infact we have also used the bandwidth command on the cisco router now its show the bandwidth as 2Mbps both on interface of cisco router and also on Orion Graphs. but the utilization shoots way beyond the capactiy of the link.

                Please check the sample graph.

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                    Can you also include a graph of actual byte count for the same timeframe? It looks like your interface is occasionally seeing traffic levels that far exceed the 2Mb limit for the port.

                    For future reference, using the bandwidth statement on the routers interface should keep you from having to manually adjust the bandwidth in Orion.

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                        Dear Doug

                        Thanks for your reply.. am attaching the graphs with the mail for your reference, and also the sh interface. Even after configuring the interface bandwidth as 2Mbps on cisco router end and in custom properties of Orion too the graphs are the same.

                        I do agree that interface must be seeing high bandwidth at that point in time but if my custom capacity of the link is 2Mbps shouldnt the graph be showing utilization 100% for any utilizatio above the bandwidth capacity configured.

                        Hope you get my point.. .


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                            It looks like it is working properly. You had a spike to 7Mb and 300%. 7Mb would be 300% of the 2Mb configuration. The lines don't match up perfectly but that could be because of the way that it calculates the averages. It actually paints a good picture of the state of the link, it's seriously overutilized.

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                              A couple of things:

                              1.  Your receive bandwidth does show a cap at 100% on your chart.

                              2.  You can watch this line on your router:   txload 207/255, rxload 224/255 and then compare that to what you are seeing in Orion.  At the time you sent the output of the sh int, your Trasmit util was at: 81% and your Receive util. was at:  88%.



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                                  Hi everyone,


                                  I've recently discovered (by chance) the same problem as vinod both on Orion NPM v9.1 SP5 and Orion NPM v9.5.1 (see the attached pictures, which I think you'll find them very interesting).

                                  For example, in Orion v9.5.1, I discoverd on a 64Kbps a transmitted traffic of 19 Mbps...and the Percent Utilization Chart Graph of ~10.000% (see tha attached picture). The real problem is that during that IMPOSSIBLE peak, I was telneted on that router...and the connection was very good all time...I think that for a traffic like, at least my telnet connection would be lost..at least for 1 sec...but it didn't. I've checked into the router itself the statistics of such values...but the traffic was in a normal range. I've also checked the ifindex on the interface both on router and Orion...and the index was the same...so the application was collecting statistics on the correct interface.

                                  I found the same issue on a different Orion, v9.1 SP5, where on a serial WAN interface of 128 Kbps, I discovered a receive traffic of no more than 80 Mbps...so a percentage utilization of no more than 62.500%...which is absolutely UNBELIVABLE. For a WAN interface of 128 Kbps.

                                  So definetively it's a problem in the collecting stats from the application...as the issue occured on 2 different Orion version deployments, on 2 different environments.

                                  From my point of view...this is a serious problem, as I'm using Orion for SLA reports...and with such kind of values, I'm not sure I can trust the statistics anymore.




                                  So, any ideas, anyone?


                                  Best regards,