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    Is it possible to create a "real time map"?

      I want to create a map of my network - just the core routers between sites and then if one is out the router or image i use for that site goes from red to green or something?

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          This is what the maps are for. If the routers are in Orion database, you should see them in Map Maker in the left panel (the tree). If you drag a node from the tree to a new map, the node gets its status (color) from the status of assigned network object. To change or find out which network object is attached, right click on the object in map and select properties from the dropdown menu.

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            Hey mate,


            All the maps you create in map maker are "real time" according to the polling interval for your devices.

            We group devices into sub maps to create a tiered view. The view attached shows the high level. All the boxes represent sites with devices in them. The actual icons are the actual core or distribution devices. if one of these goes down they will display red on the map. If a distribution or acces devices goes down the square representing that site changes colour appropriately.

            Hope that helps.