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      1.       Can someone advice on how to change the "Percent Utilization - Radial Gauges" to   "Current Traffic RECV and XMIT Gauges"?

      2.       Can someone advice on how to create a general advanced alert related to interface traffic change?

      3.       Where can I find UnDP for Scopus & Tanberg IRDs?

      I am using Orion NPM 9.1 SP3.



      Ram Cohen.



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          1- The Current Traffic RECV and XMIT gauges resource does not exist, To list the available gauges follow the below steps:

          on an Interface Details view, click on Edit at the top right, aside the Datetime.

          Click on the + to add a new resource in the column you want to edit.

          Expand the "Interface Gauges - Gauges for Interfaces"


          2- The default "High Transmit percent Utilization" advanced alert might be what you are looking for. If not please detail what you would expect from your alert.

          3- If you cannot find anything in the Content Exchange part of the forum, then you are probably the first one that will build a such template and upload it on the forum. Content Exchange - UnDP

          What do you need to monitor on these devices?