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    Packets in Error (%) and Packets with unknown protocols(%) - Universal Poller?


      Hi all,

      time for Toilet to annoy you all again.... Happy new year to you all... hope you had a good break and are gagging to get your teeth into yet another one of my ridiculous requests...

      So, I am currently working on a new opportunity to push SolarWinds BNPM into. The problem is, the current toolset provides, out of the box, the ability to collect and report on performance DATA against the following parameters:

      Packets in Error (%)
      Packets with unknown protocols(%)

      NPM does not. With a custom poller, we can collect this DATA but it is of course in a different format to that of the standard out of the box performance DATA, so the reporting services procedures have to be more complex. What sort of work do you think it would be to get these parameters added out of he box, or add a product customisation?

      weird one i know, but any help would be great!