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    Monitor tags - can this be done?

    Andrew Story

      Hi all,


      I've got quite a few monitors which I have configured tags for used to populate email alerts, i.e. a monitor tag called 'analystname' will populate the alert with the persons name who should have a call logged to them to investigate the outage.


      Now, this is great until someone changes job role or leaves the organisation.  At this point (cyrrently as I know no other way) I've got to manually go through the monitor tags and change this persons name to a.n.others.

      Is there a way to have IPMonitor query a file or anything else so I only have to change the name in one place and have IPMonitor pick it up?  Would save me a serious amount if time and effort.

      Thanks in advance

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          Hello Andrew,

          You could accomplish this using the Mass Edit Tags feature.  For tags called 'analystname' where you want to replace Bob with Doug, you would use settings such as the following:

          Start with: No Monitors

          SmartGroup Filter Rules

          1. Add Monitors, where tag is 'analystname'

          Matches regular expression: \i.*bob

          Replace Using Change Rules:

          1. Replace analystname by 'Overwrite'

          Replace with: Call Doug McKenzie at 123-456-7890

          Hope this gives you what you need.

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            Mass edit will fix this if you want to continue using the person's name.  However, it still requires updating.

            My suggestion would be to create a wiki or if you have an intranet, create an area with links to various "role" accounts (Tech Level 1 = John Doe, Manager = Jane Doe, etc.).  Each role page contains the information for a particular person in your group that should be paged.  Rather than putting that person's contact information into the alert, you could post a link to the role page.  When someone leaves or is replaced, you merely update the role page and not have to deal with the monitors at all.