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    custom chart reports not working when extracting last 4 months report

      Hello Guys,

      Running the Orion 9.1 upgrade fixed my problem regarding the Orion exception error.

      I am facing another trouble because the Custom Chart won't let me extract data for the month of September 2008 or any monthly data last year except December. Whenever I try to run the custom reports for that particular month, it shows:

      No Data for Selected Time Period.

      Is there any way I can retrieve last year's monthly data? Is there any query I can that I can run on the MSSQL server just to get these important details?

      Your help will be greatly appreciated.


        • Re: custom chart reports not working when extracting last 4 months report


          Could you check the data retention settings in System Manager?

          Start > All Programs > Solarwinds Orion > System Manager

          File > Orion Network Performance Monitor Settings

          In the database tab, check the Statistics Summarization parameters.

          If the Daily Statistics are set to something under 60 days or so, it explains why you cannot see the data from September.

          If the Daily Statistics value is set properly then something might be wrong and I would advise you to open a support ticket.

          Does the issue apply to all the charts? Which data would you need to retrieve from the database?

          Note that you can use the Report Writer to retrieve most of the data you are seeing in the charts without the need to dive into SQL syntax.

          Start > All Programs > Solarwinds > Alerting, Reporting, and Mapping > Report Writer