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    Migrating ET NPM to Orion NPM 9.x



      can you migrate the device list from the ET NPM to the Orion NPM ?




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          No this is not possible these are two different products.

          However an alternative would be to retrieve the list of the device's IP addresses from the \Program Files\Solarwinds\Engineer's Toolset\SWNetPerfMon.cfg and use a seed file in the Orion Network Discovery Utility to speed up the configuration of the nodes in Orion.

          You can open that file with Access. The nodes table contains the ip addresses of all the devices of your ET NPM.


          There is a sample of the Seed File there: \Program Files\Solarwinds\Orion\SeedFile.txt


          Let me know if you have any questions.



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            The ET NPM database is in MS Access format, (SWNetPerfMon.cfg). In the past, I have used this utility "SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access", available here from Microsoft:


            I have used this to take an ET NPM DB and convert it an SQL DB. Then ran Orion's Config Wizard to point to the new SQL DB, and this worked fine!

            This was with an older version of Orion, so it may not work with the latest version!

            Hope this helps?