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    Import Other Devices SNMP MIB OID?

      NPM is based on SNMP to monitor the devices.   If a device (e.g. Rightfax) installed in a Windows Server, what I need to ensure those devices will be montiored by Solarwinds NPM?

      Firstly, should need to make sure that the server will open those device OID to be sent over SNMP?

      Secondly, how I should ensure that Solarwinds NPM will have corresponding MIB?

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          Does your RightFax device have an IP Address?

          Does it support the SNMP protocol and especially the SNMPv2-MIBII mib? The best way to know that is to try to add the device in NPM.

          If it supports SNMP, then try a MIB walk on the following MIB to see what could be monitored:

          AVTC-COMMON-MIB:RightFAX -


          Once you found some useful OIDs to poll, Open the Universal Device Poller Utility and create your Custom Pollers.

          PS: I have never worked on RightFax devices so I am not sure what are their capabilities.



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              The RightFax does not have IP Address.

              When I do the MIB walk to the server IP installed with RightFax Card, it does not find the above mentioned OID (AVTC-COMMON-MIB:RightFAX -

              Does it may mean that the RightFax card could not broadcast the corresponding OID information via the server?

              How do you have other experiences to monitor other devices installed inside a  server?    If need to make sure that those devices will be able to rely information via the server SNMP services?

              Look forward for your advices.

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                  ivantsui. What version are you running on RightFax and which card.

                  Here is my environment: RightFax 9.4 with the SR140-FOIP SoftCard

                  I have been looking at the same issue. When I MIB Walk, I do not see in the list.

                  If I do a MIB Browse, I can get to the OID section, however, if I try to do a Mib Tree from one of the OIDs, I get "AVTC-COMMON-MIB" - "rfSvrTrapSeverity" - "unsupported OID"

                  I am thinking this is an issue with RightFax, since I am running Business Edition and did not purchase their Alerting Module. I wonder if they are not locking me out. They do provide a MIB for Rightfax though.

                  I have found that if you do not have the RightFax SNMP Alert Module activated, the server will not respond to the SNMP Request from ORION. They only become active when the Module has been enabled within RightFax. I found the answer in a RightFax 8.5 SNMP guide: "The files required by the SNMP Alerting module are installed on all RightFax servers during the server installation. However, the SNMP Alerting module must be licensed and activated before its functionality will be enabled"