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    Volume and Network Adapter Identifiers

      We are using Orion in a LAb environment where servers IP addreses change regularly. These servers also are reimaged regularly as well. A problem we have encountered with Orion is that when any number of events take place and sometimes seemingly randomly, Orion looses it's connection to the NICs or Volumes on the server. If you list resources, there will be nothing checked. The old volumes and NICs will be listed with a "?" in front of them. THen when you check the items in the resources, it creates new entries for them. The problem for us is that we do want to retain history on these system and this problem breaks the history between the two versions of the same item.

      I want to write a script to query the Server and Orion to compare settings and update Orion with the appropraite entries so that the old date remains attached to the new NICs and Volumes. Since this will be just a series of database queries, compares and updates, the sript should not be too difficult.

      What I am having trouble identifying is what Orion keys to when determining its connection to a specific volume or NIC. If anyone can assist me in identifying this element, I  would greatly appreciate it.

      We are running Orion 9.1 SP3 which we recently upgraded to from our original installation of 9.0.

      Thank You