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    Alerting / Graphing on Custom MIBS

      Is it possible to build alerts around a custom MIB Poller? Also is it possible to build graphs on a Custom MIB?

      For example, I have built several custom MIB pollers for my Cisco ASA device... things like Active IKE Tunnels, SSL Connections, etc.. I have assigned them to my ASA node, but cannot figure out how to graph the stats, or report/alert on them.

      I plan to build more custom MIBS for thing like Citrix User Connections, Exchange Stats, etc..

      But I don't want to spend the time on it If I can not retreive the historical data, or report on the polled values.

      Anybody else have success with this?

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          Graphs and reports based on Universal Device Pollers (which is how we poll custom MIBs) are built into 9.x.

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            Hi Touellette,

            Here is a tutorial that shows you how it works:Universal Device Poller Tutorial


            You will have to create an advanced alert to trigger an alert based on a Universal Device Poller.

            • Start > All Programs > Solarwinds Orion > Advanced Alert Manager
            • Click on Configure Alerts
            • Click on new to configure a new alert.
            • Type a name for your new alert.
            • Select the Trigger Condition tab.
            • For the type of property to monitor select Custom Node Poller or Custom Interface Poller. this will filter the condition options you will be allowed to use.
            • Add two simple conditions by clicking on the three dots.


            First condition will be
            • Poller Name is equal to "Poller Name to select with the drop down button"

              Poller name can be selected under Custom Node Pollers > Poller Name

            Second condition will be
            • Poller Status is equal/greater/less/etc. than "Value"

              Poller Status can be selected under Custom Node Pollers > Status.


            Once Selected this you can setup any alert actions you need by configuring the Trigger Actions tab.


            You can follow the below post as a start point to know how to make reports based on the UnDP results.

            Re: Serial Numbers