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    Feature Upgrade/Request for Monitoring Services on Servers


      I would like to ask that SW add the Discovery, Monitoring and Alerting feature for Services Running on Windows servers (to start) .

      In another product, I am able to "discover" services that are on a Windows Server Device. I am then able to select which Service(s) I wish to monitor. Also, I am able to insert an argument in the poller. For example, If I wish to monitor the DNS service, I might also want the poller to query for www.ibm.com (R) or some such site. I can then determine if the service is running and if the server can get to the site.

      Other services may just be monitored, such as DHCP or a private Service from Cisco running on a Windows Server.

      I would also ask that the service that is selected, be displayed on the Web Page for the device and also be capable of standard alerting functions (up and down) and the like.

      I do not want to make this a part of APM. I see this as another "interface" of the device being monitored. The competitor product does it that way.

      Thanks for the attention to this.