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    Serial Numbers


      Can someone walk me through how to create a custom report that would show SERIAL NUMBERS please.
      I have the serial numbers showing up but, cannot figure out a way to write a custom report to show just
      the serial numbers. I have searched the forum and have not found a standard way of doing this.

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          Hi Shandam,

          You will have to create an Advanced SQL Report as the current default reports type does not allow you to report Universal Device Pollers results.

          First open database manager

          Start > All Programs > Solarwinds Orion > Database Utilities > Database Manager

          Expand your Orion database and right-click on the CustomPollers table and Select Query Table.

          Click on Refresh to display the results.

          You can see in the first column the Poller IDs and in the second column the name of your Custom Poller.

          find the name of your Serial Number Custom Poller and copy its Poller ID.

          You can close database manager.

          Open Report Writer

          Start > All Programs > Solarwinds Orion > Report Writer

          Click on New and create an Advanced SQL report.

          Paste the below query in the SQL tab:

          SELECT DISTINCT CustomPollerAssignment_1.NodeID,Nodes.Caption AS 'Node Name', (SELECT CustomPollerStatus.Status

          FROM CustomPollerStatus INNER JOIN CustomPollerAssignment ON

          CustomPollerAssignment.CustomPollerAssignmentID = CustomPollerStatus.CustomPollerAssignmentID WHERE (CustomPollerAssignment_1.NodeID = CustomPollerAssignment.NodeID) AND

          (CustomPollerAssignment.PollerID = 'CECA0BA6-41B9-4B20-8EFD-F1EE1F436728')) AS 'Serial Number'

          FROM CustomPollerAssignment AS CustomPollerAssignment_1 INNER JOIN

          CustomPollers ON CustomPollerAssignment_1.PollerID = CustomPollers.PollerID INNER JOIN

          Nodes ON CustomPollerAssignment_1.NodeID = Nodes.NodeID INNER JOIN CustomPollerStatus AS CustomPollerStatus_1 ON

          CustomPollerAssignment_1.CustomPollerAssignmentID = CustomPollerStatus_1.CustomPollerAssignmentID

          ORDER BY Nodes.Caption


          Next edit the below line:

          (CustomPollerAssignment.PollerID = 'CECA0BA6-41B9-4B20-8EFD-F1EE1F436728')) AS 'Serial Number'

          and replace the PollerID by the one you copied from database manager.

          Click on Execute SQL Query to see the results and Save the report in the default folder {Install Path}\Orion\Reports\ .

          Login the webconsole and click on Report on the top bar expand the group of your report which can be edited in report writer in the General tab of your report.

          and click on the report name this will display the report's results.

          If you wish to see this report in another view, you can add the resource named: "Report From Orion Report Writer" available in the "Report Writer - Turn a Report from Report Writer into a Web Resource" section.

          This is the same process as adding the Custom Poller Status resource.

          Once done Edit the resource in the view and select the report you want to display.

          You can of course modify the SQL query to match your needs, if you do not know SQL enough I advise you to contact your DBA.

          The Custom Pollers data are stored in the following tables:

          • CustomPollerAssigment
          • CustomPollerScratchStatistics
          • CustomPollerStatistics_Daily
          • CustomPollerStatistics_Detail
          • CustomPollerStatistics_Hourly
          • CustomPollerStatus
          • DeletedCustomPollers