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      I installed netflow a while back, we dont use it anymore and ran the uninstall. the app has been removed as well as the services, but the netflow module is still showing up on the website. Does anyone know how to remove it?

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          Dear r0berth1,

          Hope this can help you, please correct me if I am wrong =]

          Have you try to delete the module in Admin->Views->Manage Views
          Select the view that have "netflow module", say for example, "Network Summary Home", and then press "Edit".
          After entering the editing page, select the "netflow module" on corresponding column (say the Column 1), then click delete("X" in red).
          Then press "Done" on the left bottom corner, then the netflow module should not be showing up on the website.

          Hope this information helpful.

          Best regards,

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            Hi r0berth1,

            If the steps from jasonyau does not remove the module link at the top, you can give a try to this:

            Stop the website

            Empty the \Inetpub\Solarwinds\Orion folder

            Start > All Programs > Solarwinds Orion > (Configuration and Auto-Discovery >) Configuration Wizard

            Select website and click on next.

            Follow the steps


            If you still have the NetFlow tables in your database as well, you can do the following:

            Remove the remaining tables from the database.

            Stop the Orion Services and then Backup your database.

            Start > All Programs > Solarwinds Orion > Advanced Features > Orion Service Manager

            Stop Everything.

            Backup your database: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms187510(SQL.90).aspx

            Open Database Manager

            Start > All Programs > Solarwinds Orion > Advanced Features/Database Utilities > Database Manager

            Right-Click on one of the table of your Orion database and select Query Table.

            Clean the default query and paste the below query. Click on refresh to execute it.

            USE NetPerfMon;  the name of the database might be different on your installation modify this line according to your database name. 
            DROP TABLE ConstituentPorts;
            DROP TABLE DefaultServicePorts;
            DROP TABLE FlowCorrelation;
            DROP TABLE FlowEngines;
            DROP TABLE IPAddressGroups;
            DROP TABLE MultiPortApps;
            DROP TABLE NetFlowAddressToResolve;
            DROP TABLE NetFlowCorrelationState;
            DROP TABLE NetFlowDetail_XX; you will have to replace XX by the number present in your database. You might have multiple NetFlowDetail_XX tables.
            DROP TABLE NetFlowDetailState;
            DROP TABLE NetFlowGlobalSettings;
            DROP TABLE NetFlowLocks;
            DROP TABLE NetFlowSearchByAddress;
            DROP TABLE NetFlowSearchByPort;
            DROP TABLE NetFlowSources;
            DROP TABLE NetFlowSummary1;
            DROP TABLE NetFlowSummary2;
            DROP TABLE NetFlowSummary3;
            DROP TABLE NetflowSummaryState;
            DROP TABLE ServicePorts;
            DROP TABLE TransportProtocols;
            DROP TABLE TypesOfService;




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                Jasonyau's suggestion didn't work. On the first option that you posted, will that remove all devices? because this is the production setup and i dont want to have to start over.

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                    On the first option that you posted, will that remove all devices?

                    Nop, everything is stored in the database (except Maps and Reports \Program Files\Solarwinds\Orion\ in their respective folders). So emptying the Inetpub\Solarwinds\ folder will remove static files and then the Configuration wizard will replace them without adding the NetFlow pages and the module link at the top.

                    Hope that make sense, If not let me know what you need to be clarified before to start the procedure.


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                      Dear r0berth1,

                      Sorry for that my suggestion didn't work. Since I haven't install netflow, I supposed it is similar to other modules. Really sorry about that.
                      But I wonder what is "installed module at the top of the page" means? Would you mind posting a image about that?
                      Since I just started my first career this year actually, I would like to learn more on different area. If you don't mind, please share the case with me although Yann's suggestion should work properly. =]

                      Sorry and thanks.

                      Best regards,

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                          in the pic below you see the black line with "Modules"? It still shows NetFlow Traffic Analysis even through it has been uninstalled.

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                              Dear r0berth1,

                              Oops...It is not what I am thinking, sorry for my silly suggestion on that. Sorry for any inconvenience I made.
                              Originally, I think it is a module like "All Nodes" as shown in your image, so I suggest that method to remove the module. Really sorry for causing any inconvenience.

                              Thank you for r0berth1's sharing and thanks for Yann's suggestion.
                              These information can make me learn more and deeper on Orion web interface design issue. =]

                              Best regards,

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                                  Your answer was partially correct. I did have some views that had the netflow stuff still in it, i just removed them before you made the suggestion. so the steps were:

                                  1. Uninstall Netflow

                                  2. Remove any reference to Netflow in the custom views

                                  3. stop the website

                                  4. delete everything in Inetpub\SolarWinds\Orion folder

                                  5. Run the Configuration Wizard and only choose website.

                                  I give you an A for a partial answer. :-)

                                  For some reason NetFlow and Application Performance Monitor had the similar problems with uninstalling. But for APM i only had to go to each view and remove all references to NPM. So if you ever expand your installation of Orion, remember those steps.

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                                      Dear r0berth1,

                                      Thanks for sharing the steps for solving this problem.
                                      I learn much more on this, haha.

                                      Thanks for the A as well. =]

                                      Since I was asked to have a trial on the Orion NPM first, it may need to expand my installation of Orion in the future, thank you very much for sharing these valuable steps, and I already made a copy of it to a word file for future use if necessary, haha.

                                      Thanks. =]

                                      Best regards,

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                                          If you don't already have SQL on a seperate server than you Orion installation, I would do tha before running the APM install. It can drag the server down if everything is on the same server. I am monitoring over 900 elements so i had to split sql off anyway, but do it before the APM install.

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                                The first option fixed the problem. I stopped the website, deleted everything in the Inetpub\SolarWinds\Orion folder, then ran the config wizard to only install the website. Thanks for the help.