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    Orion alarms and SprintPCS text messaging service

      ....I also posted this under general performance monitoring forum....

      I'm running IIS SMTP locally on my Orion server running windows 2003.  We have several people with Verizon blackberries that have no issues getting orion alarms via email text message.  We also have no issues delivering alarms to our Notes clients.  But, I have one person who has a sprint cell phone that either never receives the alert or it is delayed as much as two days.  We send alarms to: phone#@messaging.sprintpcs.com

      If I send a message to his phone from hotmail or some other external site then he gets the message immediately.

      Anyone know of issues with Sprint messaging service and the way it handles blacklists?  Is there perhaps something I need to do in my SMTP server setup?  Perhaps a DNS issue?

      My SMTP logs that the alarms are being sent to the PCS phone as delayed and then ultimately undeliverable, so it is trying to send out.