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    Daily "check in"



      What would be the best way to send a daily alert each day at the same time that basically says NPM is up and actively polling?  I'd like some type of notification, especially when out of the office, that the system is functioning correctly.



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          There is nothing native within Orion that you could use.

          If you own the toolset, you could use that or if you have multiple Orion servers, you can have them monitor each other.

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            We have setup a "heartbeat" alert to let our staff know the Orion server is up.  It's an advanced alert that triggered on the server name and status of up and reoccurs every 24 hours.  There is no good way to specify the time the alert is sent except by the time it was initially triggered which in our case is 9:45 AM every day.

             This is what the alert email looks like:

            Info: Orion is Up

            The IP address of this Node is x.x.x.x

            To view details of this Node, goto:


            This alert was triggered on Monday, January 12, 2009 9:45 AM and repeats every 24 hours

            This has been sent by an automated system, DO NOT REPLY.
            Generated By: Orion Heartbeat Alert

            It would be a nice feature to have a more elegant way to do this.