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    interface error and discards

      there is a parameter on the NPM Settings-(interface errors and discards)....

      - in how log was this parameter measured? ina an hr/day or whatever..where could i see details of this?



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          Interface Errors and Discards statistics are polled through SNMP on the IF-MIB of the remote device.

          Those statistics are stored in the InterfaceErrors_Daily/Detail/Hourly tables. However it's more handy to review the charts In/Out Errors and Discards and modify the timeframe.

          You can modify how often those statistics are gathered with the "Default Statistics Collection Interval for Interfaces" setting in the "Statistics" Tab of the "File > Network Peformance Monitor Settings" in "System Manager".

          You can set it interface by interface as well. A right-Click on the interface and then change the "Collect Statistics Every" setting.

          Hope that helps.