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    Tabular device poller

      Is there a possibiltiy in Orion NPM 9.2 to add Tabular Device poller to the summary view page.

      I know there is an option to add the Universal device poller to the summary view page

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          We allow these to be published to the Node Details page.  

          If you want to publish a tabular UnDP, here is a method to accomplish this if you want to show a tabular device poller on Network Summary page

          1. In UnDP right click on the Defined Poller and select Web Display
          2. Select Tables under the Node Details and click ok
          3. In the web interface, drill down into a node and for the Tabular Universal Device Poller click on the title header
          4. A new page will launch, right click and view source
          5. Copy source
          6. In Web interface goto -> Admin -> Manage Views and edit the Network Summary Home
          7. Select add new to one of the columns and under Miscellaneous select Custom HTML or text and select ok
          8. Go back to Network Summary home page and click edit on the new Custom HTML or Text resource and paste the copied source
          9. Click Submit and this devices specific UnDP Tablular Poller should be on the Network Summary page
          Let me know if you have any problems.

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            I too am looking to do this - but not for a node (which is what I believe the suggestion would do) - but for the entire collection of that statistic in a tabular format.}

            Eg I have a poller that pulls all the Temps on a Cisco switch - but I can only display the temps on my summary page - I can't display the MAX level which I also pull down and display on each node - so having the temp is only partially helpful - is there any way to display the table for all my cisco on one page?