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    Network Map on a 42 inch monitor

      So that's my goal. I would like it to seem completely seamless. Just want it on a monitor on the back (yet highly visable) wall of my server room. Any ideas? Nothing else aside from an active map

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          Using IE, bring up the map page, press F11. Then select auto-hide toolbar.

          Alternately you can use the Windows Active-desktop to display the map.
          Right click on the desktop and select customize.
          Enter the URL for your map and your desktop now displays your map.
          If the monitor is the secondary display on your PC, then the map will display "free and clear" without the desktop icons.

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              Similarly, we have one Orion map running on a 47'' LCD that has rotating pixels to prevent burn in. Vital if you are going to only display one map. Also, we use the F11 trick, but we utilize Opera in order to set the refresh timer for the page to higher. This resides in a NOC environment.


              Also in the past we have utilized firefox, and a plugin that rotated tabs, and we had different views on each.


              Just some suggestions of what worked for us!

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                We are using a 52" LCD, and it works great.  We are displaying not only Orion, but other apps too (Cisco ASDM, VMWare, www.weatherunderground.com , etc).  We are using a desktop pager (VirtualWin, http://virtuawin.sourceforge.net) and autohotkey (http://www.autohotkey.com/) to setup multiple desktops, and then flip between them. 

                I setup VirtualWin to 6 screens, and set the hotkey to switch screens as windowskey-n

                I then windowskey-n to each screen, and load up what I want displayed on each screen, For internet explorer screens, I put it in full screen mode, I also auto-hide the start menu.

                After this is done, I run autohotkey with the following script:


                send #n
                sleep 20000


                This simply sends a windowskey-n then waits for 20 seconds, and then sends another windowskey-n, which will automatically change screens with VirtualWin.

                Easy simple way to setup a screen with all your monitoring tools, and not getting burn-in.


                John Sheehan - Network Analyst - Schenectady County