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    Creating wireless client reports


      I need to create some reports that give me information about my wireless clients and their signal strength.  However, the report writer does not show me any fields that relate to any wireless client data.

      The wireless monitor addon is installed and functional.

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          You will need to use the Advanced SQL option to create this report. 

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            You can use this SQL query in Advanced SQL report. It shows you wireless clients, IP, MAC address and signal strength for the last 7 days:

             AVG(cl.Client_SignalStrength) AS Client_SignalStrength
            LEFT JOIN NPM_NV_WL_INTERFACES_STATS i ON (i.ID = cl.ParentID AND i.GroupID = cl.GroupID)
            LEFT JOIN NPM_NV_WL_APS_STATS ap ON (ap.ID = i.ParentID AND ap.GroupID = i.GroupID)
            INNER JOIN Nodes ON Nodes.NodeID = cl.NodeID
            WHERE (cl.LastUpdate BETWEEN DATEADD(day, -7, getdate()) AND getdate())
            GROUP BY cl.NodeID, ap.AP_Name, cl.Client_MAC, cl.Client_IPAddress, cl.Client_Name

            Let me know if you need any additional info.