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    Syslog Alert - Functionality


      Aside from the fact that rule management in the sylog view is at best annoying it may be our most important tool. We depend on it heavily for notification of specific events.

      I for one would like to see the rule management get a complete overhaul. The following functionality would be most helpful.

      1. Grouping of alerts by custom catagories.

      2. Alert groups - The ability to easily assign a predefined group of recipients to rules. So if a new user becomes part of a group you dont have to hunt and peck through 200 rules open both the alert and reset elements and save you simply add the user to the group and now that person will receive all the alerts that group is a member of.

      3. Right click rule creation - The ability to right click on a syslog event and initiate a rule creation dialog auto populated with the information from the syslog message.

      4. Import / export

      5. The Ability to disable alerts by device grouping or by user group or disable alerts all together. (without clicking 250 checkboxes) Being able to schedule this may be an enhancement for some.

      6. The clip board bug (conspiracy) - Bug crashes the syslog viewer when ctrl/c copy is attempted.