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    NPM Interface




      Suggestion #1 Add greater functionality to how Orion displays nodes in the left hand pane.

      You should have the ability to create a tree structure and simply multiple select and drag and drop your nodes into the tree.

      (I so loath scrolling through 4800 nodes to find the one i need to edit).

      In The case of AP's my tree would most likely be AP's>LOCATION>BUILDING>FLOOR. This would allow all your devices at least in group form to be displayed in a single page. Not to mention enhance your ability to find a specific device by a factor of 10.

      Suggestion #2 Modify the way nodes are named. Currently the adding a node usually is done in one of 2 ways. You can enter the fully qualified name and it will resolve itself or you can enter the IP address and rename it.

      I would request that this be changed a wee bit. I would like to have a device name field that if its populated changes the device name as it is displayed however this information is not used by Orion for polling simply for display.

      The most prominent example would be any node that uses DHCP. Changing the name of a node that uses DHCP will of course prevent Orion from being able to resolve the IP address for the node correctly.