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    alert send when there is packet loss

      Hi all

      pls help. on basic alert i am get alert when the packet loss happening.so for node A if the packet loss is happening,it wont send a alert but will send alert when the packet loss is gone. so i get NODE A UP. i only want Node A down when the node is completey down and node A up when its reset...i am using orion v 9


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          You've posted this question three times today.  If the problem is urgent, it's probably best to open a Support ticket or actually call Support.  Thwack cannot ensure a rapid response.

          You probably haven't gotten a response because your question is vague.  I would suggest posting a screenshot of your alert.  It would make it easier for people to comment.

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              I think I know what he is getting at and I have a similar problem. Is there a way to setup a delay on a basic alert? I know this can be done on advanced alerts, but on advanced alerts there doesn't seem to be a way to supress an alert based on the status of another node like you can in basic alerts. For example if I have  vpn router go down at a site I don't want to get notified of every device being down at that site because the vpn router which is the key point to getting to those other devices is down. However I want a 5 min delay built in so that if there is network congestion and a device misses a polling session that I get notified every time. You have two nice features but one is in basic and one is in advanced which makes it very frustrating.