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    Node Reboot Events


      I am looking for some insight on Node Rebooted Event Type in my events section of the Solarwinds web portal.

      I don't understand our NPM knows devices are rebooted. For example on Jan 6th we had a power blimp and all our Liebert CRAC units powered off then back on. So they lost power for no more than 4 to 5 seconds before the they switched over to battery. But in the events they are all showing rebooted when I would make rather see node down then node up right away.

      Or the other day a customer we monitor servers for likes to reboot his server but he gets upset when he is expecting an alert but one never fires off because the event is set as a reboot.

      Basicly is there an option somewhere I need to adjust because I want this off. I don't like how things are assumed as a reboot. I would rather deal with the loads of extra alerts then wonder if the alerts are working at all.


      Does anyone have ideas on this?

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          Orion will look at the System Uptime of the device, which can be found in the SYSTEM-MIB.  There is no way to adjust this.  If you are receiving alerts, just disable that particular alert in Orion.  If you want to disable the event from showing up in the web console, I'm not sure that there's a real good way to do this.