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    Account Limitations - Node & Interface


      I am trying to build a users log in to provide them stats from their

      two nodes and from an interface on one of my nodes. I tried to add

      a group of nodes and a interface in the limitations but when I log in

      as this user I only see the the two nodes. Is there a customized view

      that needs to be built so you can see the two nodes and the interface?






      Orion 9.1 SP3

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          In the Account limitation, you will need to give that user access to the third node where you only want them viewing the single interface, so it would look something like this.

          Group of nodes limitation:
          -Node A (full access)
          -Node B (full access)
          -Node C (single interface)

          Group Interface limitation:
          - Give access to all interfaces of Node A & Node B 
          - Give access to only the single interface you want the user to see on Node C 

          Let me know if this makes sense and works for you.

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            I use NPM v9 for monitoring our Data Center customers. It took me awhile to get the hang of the account limitations and stuff. You have two options, create a custom view with limitations which I don't really like to do or set limitations on a user account which I preferr to do.

            I am assuming you already made the user accounts. From there add a account limitation call "Group of Nodes" just check the boxes for the nodes the user will need to see. Now when you log in as the user you should only see those nodes. Now in my case I have customer share switchs so I like to add a second account limitation called "Group of Interfaces" and choose extactly what interfaces the user can see on the node.

            Now I can assign user A and B to node 1 but only user A can see port 1 and 2 while user B can only see port 3 and 4.


            - Michael

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                bleh.. i hate little check boxes =-) at least give me some additional field info on the node list page.. perhaps node id.. so i can just search and click.. im going cross eyed scrolling through thousands of nodes.

                Am i missing something or the the account limitation widget doesn't work on interfaces?