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    Trap Forwarding too big for phone


       I am using Trap Viewer 9.1.5, and I have an issue wherein the data in the trap forwarded to my phone is too big to completely display, so I cannot determine what the trap is, and have to login anyway. I want only certain parts to display, and not all the message data. Here is a sample of the output:


      SNMP Trap

           Received Time:1/6/2009 3:03:22 AM



           Variable Bindings

                sysUpTime:= 202 days 22 hours 24 minutes 51.84 seconds (1753349184)

                snmpTrapOID:= CISCO-ITP-GSP-MIB:ciscoGspMIBNotifs.1 (

                cgspEventSequenceNumber:= 4455


                *cgspLinksetDisplayName. [Link1]

                cgspLinksetSourceDisplayPC. 2-2-2

                cgspLinksetAdjacentDisplayPC. 1-1-1

                *cgspLinksetState. unavailable(3) (3)

                *experimental.1057.1:= X.X.X.X (redacted)

                snmpTrapEnterprise:= CISCO-ITP-GSP-MIB:ciscoGspMIB (


       I only want to see the values indicated with an asterisk, and only the actual values, not the junk before the equal sign. I have tried to dig it out, but I either get all of it, or none of it.

      Can anyone suggest a solution?