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    Functionality Request


      Some ideas for future development (ideas from Network Authority / ZipTie)

      • Web Interface that would support RADIUS or LDAP authentication
      • Ability to use both SSH and Telnet (instead of one or another). This is helpfull during config migrations from telnet to SSH
      • Provide reports across all devices supporting SSH and Telnet
      • Provide some inventory reports, ie total number of devices, broken up by vendor
      • Ability to compare current and previous configs within the user interface as well as receiving emails of changed configs



        • Re: Functionality Request

          Thanks for the post.  These are all excellent ideas, but some of these (e.g. web interface) may be out of scope for CatTools which is intended to be a desktop config management tool.

          The good news is we already have an enterprise-class solution that meets many of these requirements called Orion NCM.   If you have a chance, I'd recommend downloading the 30-day eval and seeing if this meets your needs.