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    Time in CustomPollerStaus off??


      Has anyone else seen this problem? I just noticed that the posted time in my CustomPollerStatus table is off by 6 hours. I checked and the servers (all three new Orion 9.1 SP2 and SP3 build servers) report the same anomoly.

      I ran this query from SQL to see what it reports and can see the difference - not sure why. I have opened a case with Solarwinds but nothing yet?

      select getdate()
      select * from custompollerstatus
      where datetime >'2009-01-06'
      order by datetime desc

      Results in:
      2009-01-06 05:39:03.550

      3DF02575-878C-49BB-AE01-94DA501AC9E6              2009-01-06 11:38:47.130
      8F512DBF-5F87-4595-B969-0C13263117F8               2009-01-06 11:38:27.223
      DC24663D-2433-4C2C-B17A-2505537CDB08             2009-01-06 11:38:22.817