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    Orion Website Error - System.Web.HttpException: Request timed out

      NPM version 9.0 SP1, Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2, local sql 2005 database.

      We have a large LCD Monitor on the wall that is connected to the SW NPM Server. We have the Orion Web Console open which shows our network map and various graphs. When we first started using Orion, this worked well and the web console was fairly fast. Now, on a daily basis, when I turn on the LCD in the mornings, the web page displays the below error:

      Orion Website Error

      An Error has occurred with the Orion Website

      Additional Information

      system.web.exception:  Request timed out.

      Usually I can close the webpage and then relaunch it and after I enter the login credentials, it takes approximately one minute before it will load the web console. Today it just displayed the error again. The website has gotten terribly slow and this error occurs every day. I have searched the site and I see a lot of similar issues but every thing I have tried does not work.  Again, to reiterate, we want to leave the web console running all the time on this LCD.