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    question about creating a universal device poller


      Question - new to SNMP/Orion - so excuse my english if I get the terms wrong here.

      I have a couple of Linux servers that I have enabled SNMP on, and in the snmpd.conf file there are several entries that define it's OID's for specific data it collects (see below).   Can I leverage the Universal Device Poller in Orion and query for these?




      # monitor the current number of CM sessions on this Device
      exec . sessions /usr/lib/contextvault/ucd.200.7stat

      # Performance data
      exec  . transactionsInLastMinute /usr/lib/contextvault/ucd.perf.stat 0
      exec  . transactionsTotal /usr/lib/contextvault/ucd.perf.stat 1
      exec  . userChangesInLastMinute /usr/lib/contextvault/ucd.perf.stat 2
      exec  . userChangesTotal /usr/lib/contextvault/ucd.perf.stat 3
      exec  . userLogonsInLastMinute /usr/lib/contextvault/ucd.perf.stat 4
      exec  . userLogonsTotal /usr/lib/contextvault/ucd.perf.stat 5
      exec  . userLogoffsInLastMinute /usr/lib/contextvault/ucd.perf.stat 6
      exec  . userLogoffsTotal /usr/lib/contextvault/ucd.perf.stat 7
      exec  . patientChangesInLastMinute /usr/lib/contextvault/ucd.perf.stat 8
      exec  . patientChangesTotal /usr/lib/contextvault/ucd.perf.stat 9
      exec  . currentSessions /usr/lib/contextvault/ucd.perf.stat 10
      exec  . totalSessions /usr/lib/contextvault/ucd.perf.stat 11
      exec  . averageRequestTime /usr/lib/contextvault/ucd.perf.stat 12

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          PS.    I see a lot of ObjectID entries for specific devices I've added in Orion in my Universal Device Poller when I sort by SysObjectID, but I don't see the entries above "" even though I see the devices themselves (if I list by Vendor they appear under "net-snmp"

          So, I'm not sure how to "use" or poll of these "number of sessions on this device" or "performance" data entries that it's talking about here in this snmpd.conf file.

          Thanks for any help.