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    Gauges Do Not Reflect Actual Mb/s

      I am using the Engineer's Toolset - I have started the Netflow-Realtime, and at the same time,  ran the Bandwidth gauges.

      The numbers represented by the "Realtime" seem to reflect the actual throughput/bandwidth.

      The gauges do not reflect the actual numbers.

      Am I missing something? (Did I explain this enough?)

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          BillFinkNC - The Netflow Realtime app will give you totals of the monitored applications, whereas the bandwidth gauges will give you the totals from the counters (IF-MIB) on the the device (ALL traffic); that could explain a discrepancy in the throughput numbers.



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              Thanks for the response.

              Though, the discrepancy differences are opposite of your explaination.

              RealTime shows bandwidth consumption of say; 14Mb/s and the graphs display consumption of say 1Mb/s and trust me, I'm being overly conservative with my figures.

              I've attempted to cut/paste the windows as close (in a time-frame-wise capture) as I could to this post ... hope it displays more correctly what I'm referring to.

              Note the two displays are for the same device and interface(s) occuring at essentially the same time.

              Lastly - I do indeed recognize that I may be missing something. Thanks for your input.