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    Cisco ASIC Errors (Astro, Lemans, NiceR, EARL)


      Hello -

      Has anyone done anything with alerts on Cisco ASIC errors?  As far as I can find, they are only reported by syslog so I haven't figured out a good way to do this to save us from manually looking through syslog.


      Simply sending an email when the events come in generate multiple emails. I could suppress the alerts with the trigger threshold - for example, after the event first occurs don't send any more alerts for the next X hours (or minutes) - but then you would risk missing events generated by a different card or node (I know it isn't likely ....BUT....).  It would be great if you could generate an NPM Event Log entry but you can't do that with syslog actions, just with Alerts.


      Any suggestions from you old-time Orion gurus?   Thanks!