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    Issues with Real Time Bandwidth gauges


      I did some minor searches for this issue, but I couldn't find any, so here goes:


      Server being used to run NPM (Windows 2003 Server, latest patches) Latest NPM and I also installed APM, VoIP, NTA.  I also installed the Engineer's Toolkit here as well. 

      Network PC:  (Vista 64bit latest patches) Engineer's toolkit.

      We are in the midst of working on getting the NPM fully configured, but one feature that I thought would work once Engineering Toolkit was installed was the Real  Time Bandwidth gauges.  Everytime I click the icon it states that this feature is not installed and then directs me to download the install the toolkit from the Solarwinds site, then when I click Download it provides an error...see image below.



      I did verify that all my ActiveX controls appear to be enabled, so I'm really not sure what I did to mess this up...any thoughts or direction is greatly appreciated.