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    Custom properties issue

      i work with the custom properties a lot for reporting purposes.
      Since we start to use Solarwinds we had a number of version upgrades and service pack’s.

      For some reason after every update or upgrade I keep bumping into the custom property issue
      (update report schema). 

      Is there any reason why this can't be resolved without me having to add a property and delete it again manually?


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          I agree, this should not have to be done every time there is an upgrade.
          You can manually update the schemas as per this knowledge base article:

          Alternativley, I would like to see the update Report Schemas button stay on the Toolbar in CPE.

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              Hi Guru,

              Thanks for the button tip!!
              Beside me having now a better way of updating the Schema's i am still wondering why this is not resolved or embedded in the update or upgrade process. Especially reading now this is an issue from v7 on!


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                  Why is this still an upgrade issue?  Good question.  It's not that we don't want to change it, but it's a non-trivial change to the back-end architecture, so it's more work than you would think.  On every release, we have to choose, and so far, we've prioritized other features over this change.  We do expect to change this, but probably in the context of a more significant change for the custom property UI.

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                      We understand not every fix or feature can make it into each new release.  However in the interim, as Network Guru suggested, can't the Update Schema button be added to the toolbar in the CPE?  If for no other reason than to serve as a visual reminder to us that we've got to click it after an upgrade or service pack installation.  Speaking for myself, I only get to upgrade in the wee hours of the morning and I don't always remember to update the schema.

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                  When the configuration wizard runs, it runs the Custom Property Editor with a special command line that does the same thing as the update report schema toolbar button.  As you all have seen, there are some cases where it doesn't work as expected.  We've tried many times to reproduce, with no luck.  However, with 9.1 SP2, we've added some additional logging to one of our tools that should help track down the problem. 

                  So if you see this issue on another upgrade(to SP2 or past it), can you open a support ticket referencing this thread and get us some diagnostics?  We made it better for some folks, but we'd like to improve things for everyone.