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    Is is possible to monitor route changes ?


      Hi all


      I´m looking to the possibility of using Solarwinds to monitor routing changes for some of my devices. I´m very interested in monitoring the chosen route for the traffic, to know if we are using route a, b or even c, to get to a specific site / service.

      I would like to be able to monitor a given path, and trigger alerts / log entries on deviation from this "baseline route"

      Is solarwinds able to do so ?


      In our "old" environment we had some custom build scripting, used to do this monitoring - But, since we have decided to strategically move all our network monitoring to the Solarwinds platform, I need to find out how Orion can do this - Or request this for future releases :)

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          First off, are you using Cisco equipment?  If so, you might want to check and see if your version of IOS supports EEM or IP SLA.  EEM will let you do some scripting within the router, such as monitor the status of a particular route, and send an email if that status changes.

          Second, if you have Orion NCM, you can set up a scheduled job that will email you the results of a 'show ip route' or equivalent command.

          Third, you could probably use the Universal Device Poller to monitor the status of the route.  Many networking devices support the 'ipRouteTable' MIB ( - I know Cisco does.  Using the UnDP, you should be able to monitor the status of the OID OID (X.X.X.X is the route itself) and see if that value changes.  For instance, is the OID for the next hop of the destination ''.  If the value of that OID changes, then your route's next-hop has changed.

          EDIT:  I should mention that you can then use the Advanced Alerts to monitor and notify you if this OID changes.

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            Since it's been a while this thread has been updated. also, NPM has already had a multiple update. I hope there are possibilities to monitor route change especailly for internet and MPLS circuits.