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    Orion NPM SP2 Interface naming problem (not everyone pulls the interface name from the device)


      OK we are checking out Orion 9.1 SP2 (trying to justify the move to version 9 from 8) & I see something that I really don’t like. If I change the name of the interface (choosing rename) I can change it to what I want but when the node rediscovers (every 120 min) it pulls the name that is on the equipments interface that is being polled. Now I know this was a feature that A LOT of users asked for but believe it or not, I don’t want or like that option. So what I am asking is there a way to not pull the name off of the devices interfaces every time its rediscovered? If not I guess we are staying on version 8 indefinitely.


      Looks like SP4 fixed the problem.