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    Can the status of a node (its color) be affected by an application performance monitor?  Can network maps be modified to indicate a node has application problems?

      Hi everyone,


      I'm a newbie Orion user and want to set up a dashboard (a screen with only indicator lights!) that will tell me if there is anything wrong with my servers.  It seems the best way to do this is by setting up a network map.

      I also have Application Monitor 2.0 installed and it is successfully monitoring a bunch of items on several of the servers present in my dashboard.

      For the purposes of this dashboard, I want things to be big, simple and intuitive.  Five or six big spheres, each indicating the status of a custom network map.  The attractive, color changing spheres of the node status lights are great, but they don't reflect the application state that might be present within that node!  Even if all the critical applications associated with a node are down, the node light still shines a bright green.  I think this is misleading!

      I understand that technically the node lights are doing their job perfectly.  Is there any way to to augment some sort of setting to have them show yellow or red if an application is down?

      I am running Orion NPM 9.1.


      Thanks for your input!