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    EOC Product Enhancments that I would like to see in next version...

      We purchased the EOC about 2 months ago and we have begun implementation of the EOC v1.0 w/SP2 just recently.  I have come across a few things that I would like to see added to next version of the EOC.  These request are listed below...

      1.) Global Node Search functionality

      2.) Although the EOC has an Events Summary Resource, I would like to see a Resource that would display the Top XX Events for a user defined time.  this feature exists in the Orion NMP and would be a great benefit in the EOC.

      3.) Redesign the page view layout to be more like the Orion NMP where the column width can be adjustable.  Al thought the view templates are nice, we notice that some data gets truncated under certain resources due to the fixed column width.  I would like to the see the ability to add as many as 3 column width an adjustable column width.

      4.) Make all maps from the Orion NPM transferable to the EOC.  The idea of creating duplicate maps is very time consuming and redundant.

      5.) Fix issues with the Alert acknowledgment feature so that when alerts are acknowledged they don't disappear from view.  This was also an issue in the NPM that was very irritating.  I would also like to see a customizable text field that a used can enter a text string with details about the alert such as current status.

      This is just a short list on enhancements that I would like to see in the next release of the EOC.  I would be more than willing to discuss these changes with anyone within Solarwinds as these will be vital to our business monitoring.

      If any one else has enhancements that they would like to see that I did not list above, please post them in this thread.


      Todd Schmechel

      Kohls Department Stores