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    SYSLOG Alerts - name resolution

      Hello all .

      I'm using Syslog viewer alerts to Email/page in the event of UPS going to battery .

      The issue I have is that the 1st syslog message in a string from a device that's been "quiet" for some time does not resolve the hostname - ending with an engineer getting a text with subject rather than ourbuildingfloor4:UPS - A bit annoying at 03:30 . 

       A second syslog message that UPS is back from battery resolves the name .

      Can anybody suggest a method to get consistent resolution please ? 

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          i've experienced this same problem. what appears to be working for me is maintaining name resolution control with the local HOSTS file rather than our DNS services.

          this file can get large after hundreds of nodes, luckily they don't change static IP addresses too often. good luck.

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              Thanks very much for that - I've done the same , but on occasions some seem to slip the net , and I wonder if it's due to a cacheing issue within Orion . do you need  to do anything to retain  "visibilty " of  the HOSTS file in any way by for example a batch job such that any cache is maintained  ?

              Thanks again