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    trap handling

      Hello all,

      This maybe a frequently asked question...

      I've recently set up net-snmp to monitor my solaris servers using the DISMAN MIB.  All wellso far - I get traps sent when my monitor triggers.  However, the emails that the product generates arent very user friendly

      SNMP Trap
           Received Time:15/12/2008 18:03:36

           Variable Bindings
                sysUpTime:= 1.36 seconds (136)
                snmpTrapOID:= DISMAN-EVENT-MIB:mteTriggerFired (
                mteHotTrigger:= Process postfix
                mteHotOID:= UCD-SNMP-MIB:prErrorFlag.2 (
                mteHotValue:= 1
                prNames.2:= postfix
                prErrMessage.2:= No postfix process running.

      While I can see the error, I'd like to be able to send just that and not all the other info as well.

      Is there any way I can do this?



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          Mark Roberts

          From page 280 of the Admin guide you will see a list of variables that can be included in the email message. This would allow you to clean up the information sent.

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              I looked at this last week - it doesnt allow my to pick out parts of the OID, only date/time variables, IP address etc.

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                  The Trap handling area is one that needs improvement.  The ability to parse out info from a trap message via variables has been requested before.  Maybe some can let use know of a test track # or feature request info on when or if this will be in a future release.  This is a big problem since most trap receivers/management applications have this ability yet solarwinds doesn't seem to.

                  Anyone know if this will be addressed soon?