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      I think I'm being really stupid, but I just can't get the logic of the Views. I can attach a default view to a user, but how can I switch the view once logged in as the user? I would like to create a view that is vmware-specific, and click somewhere to switch to this view. How?

      I can customize the Menu bar, but I can't seem to add views to it?

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          Mark Roberts

          You can create a page, with the required resource display elements laid out.

          This can then be applied to a user (for the presentation to use on a made type i.e. Node details) OR

          to a device type OR

          as a direct menu item, with a specific menu structure built per login if required.

          Not only that, but you can filter inline of a page whether an individual resource gets displayed or not.

          Also, for user level pages, if you give them customise view rights, changes made to the resource displays are tailored to that account only, so if User A wants a World Map for his map view, but User B wants the UK this is easy to achieve.

          This gives you the flexibility to finely tailor presentation in multiple ways. If you have something complex, flow diagram it first, then build.