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    Feature Requests - NPM / Syslog


      Syslog: Please provide a method for importing / exporting and duplicating syslog rules.

      Syslog: Allow regex in syslog viewer

      Syslog: Incorporate syslog alerts in the device alerts view.

      NPM + EE Tools: SNMP over TCP  (As security requirements evolve, this is becoming a hot button.)

      NPM Website: Method for "on demand" polling. In many circumstances, it is not prudent to assign a custom poller that may pull a large snmp table for periodic use. For example, pulling the policy table from a NetScreen can be cumbersome, especially given the fact that the polling interval for a custom poller cannot be controlled.  

      This following is just a gripe.

      I don't know about everybody else, but SNMP v3 is hitting critical mass.  Adding a machine here and there is no big deal. Adding 20, 30 or 100 nodes with SNMP v3 to NPM is becoming a real pain in the (fill in the blank.)  Why not give us a method to import from NCM?  Something.