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    Trap Messages - Alert Acton Send Email Not Working


      I am having issues with Orion Trap Viewer 9.0.

      I have around 6 trap rules to alert me via email for my CRAC and UPS units. I can not get the the trap service to send out email alerts.

      The rules are rather plain.
      I fliter by IP address. I don't use any DNS hostname pattern filtering. I only use one community string and it set on all my devices. I left trigger threshold off.

      Here is what I have set for my conditions.

      Traps received where any of the following are ture:
      SNMPv2-MIB:snmpTrapOID is equal to *


      30 days ago this setup was forwarding any traps via email for my power and cooling devices then it just stop working. But I am still seeing the traps in the Trap Viewer.

      Does anyone have an idea as to how I can fix this?