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    Advanced Alerts and custom poller tables

      Is there any way to setup the advanced alerts to trigger based on a row label and value combination?

      Specifically, we're using the logMatch table form the UCD-net MIB.  It imports a table that ends up looking like:

      log1Warn   0
      log1Err       5
      log2Warn   3
      log2Err       0

      And we'd like to setup a rule like "if label contains "Err" and Status> 0 then send email to pager" and a second rule "if label contains "Warn" and Status > 0 then send email to list"

      I've found the RowID field, but its just numeric ID's.  Is it possible to put custom SQL in the trigger check?  I know you can in the alert message but couldn't find an easy way to do so.  I might also be missing more of the detailed documentation for the Advanced Alert configuration - what I found in the main manual was useful but didn't seem to help much with the really advanced settings.

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          Hi Kliegs,

          Could you pull from your database the results of that Universal Device Poller and post them here?

          We will know if this is possible to trigger only Err entries values.

          Open Database Manager.

          Start > All Programs > Solarwinds Orion > Database Utilities/Advanced Features > Database Manager

          Expand your database

          Right-Click on the CustomPollerAssigbment Table and select Query Table.

          Click on Refresh.

          Copy the CustomPollerAssignmentID of one of the UCD-NET-MIB Pollers.

          Right-Click on the CustomPollerStatus table and select Query Table.

          Add the below condition to the default SQL Query:

          WHERE CustomPollerAssignmentID = "ID_Copied_From_The_Previous_Table"


          Click on Refresh, this should list the results of that table.

          Then export the results to an excel spreadsheet.

          File > Export > Export to Excel Spreadsheet...


          Attach the file to your post after sanitizing it.


          Based on the output we should be able to define on which properties you should set your trigger conditions.