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    Cisco Fan Transform Table



      I have setup a poller that monitors my Cisco Router fans.  My issue is that it's

      showing a number when a fan is down. I know that I need to transform the raw number to a correct readable message (fan# / fan failed). I'm having a problem

      setting up the transform result table. Can someone please point me in the right direction?


      Hope this makes sense!




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          I'm not sure that you need a transform.  it is a table poller?  can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing?  And explain exactly what you want to see...

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              I did some changes to the poller and now I'm seeing the below. Any current status that shows ok, means all fans relating to the Cisco router are ok. If the status shows unknown, means a fan(s) are down, this is where my problem is.   

              The Arts Towers Router below currently has two fans that have failed, but is showing status as unknown.

              Thanks again,


              Cisco 2811 Fan State

              OBJECT NAME                 CURRENT STATUS   LAST POLLED
              180 Cabrini Blvd Router  UP                         1:28 PM 
              AMLI Frankford Router    UP                         1:28 PM 
              AMLI Oak Bend Router    UP                         1:28 PM 
              Aqua Router                    UP                         1:28 PM 
              Archstone Dupont Circle  UP                         1:28 PM 
              Archstone Playa Del Rey  UP                         1:28 PM 
              Arts Towers Router          UNKNOWN            1:28 PM 
              Barrington Plaza Router   UNKNOWN            1:28 PM 

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              You need to enumerate the value....