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    Customize View help


      I dont know if this is possible but.

      in Node Details, you can add the Custom Properties For Node view and then select the Properties that you want to have displayed.  Additionally you can Edit the properties.


      What I want is the ability to have a Custom Property for each node, in this case "Reason for outage" or something to that nature.  That can be filled out by an engineer working on the device.  Then on the Network Summary HOME page, under Nodes with Problems, have a new table that dumps all systems that have thier customer property > <blank> so we can see a list of the reasons why certain systems are showing up with issues.



      Nodes with Problems

      Webserver115              Node status is Down.


      Outage Reasons

      Webserver115              Steve K. has the system down due to failed fan.  Eta 2 hours.



      Then when Steve gets the fan replaced and brings the system back online, he can remove the "Steve K. has the system down due to failed fan.  Eta 2 hours." from the custom property field and all is back to normal.


      or we could even link to a Trouble ticket with HTML links.