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    Custom MIB in new Universal Device Poller

      I was able to create custom MIBs to poll my own scripts on Linux hosts in the older version the Orion, but now the Universal Device Poller doesn't appear to let me input my own MIB numbers.  Am I missing something here, or is this a new restriction?

      Ultimately, the question is how to I create a MIB poller that will execute my own script on the host and allow me to alert on the results?  For example, I have a script that returns the available VMFS disk space on an ESX 2.5.x host and I generated Solarwinds alerts on this data.  I just noticed that the last time it polled this custom MIB correctly was the day I upgraded.

      The custom is listed in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf like this:

      exec . vmfsspace /usr/sbin/vmfsspace

      I was able to execute the script and store the results in Solarwinds by executing MIB . 

      Can I still make my own custom pollers in v9?