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    SQL Report, backup Circuit Usage



      I am looking for a report that i can run at the end of the month to know how many times the backup circuits saved the day.

       We have several different setups.

       2 routers each with a VPN Tunnel and different Circuit  

      1 Router with 2 Tunnels and 2 circuits

      2 routers,  1 MPLS and one tunnel.

       Does anyone know a good way to report when my primary tunnel or MPLS circuit is down, yet the site is up because the backup circuit is up?

       Thinking I may have to created a custom Property for the WAN interfaces  so solarwinds knows what is Primary and what is Backup.

       Any help would be appreciated

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          Using Custom Properties would be a good step to start from. then you can use that report posted by jtimes Outage Duration Last Month as an example and modify it to match Interfaces events and filter on the custom properties.

          You will definitely need to use an Advanced SQL Report.

          You can get the Events Type definitions, ID from the EventTypes table in the database.

          Let us know how you progress.



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              Hi, thanks for the response

              I'm Just starting to go through all my routers and label them Primary or Secondary.

              Let me know if I am thinking about this wrong.

              Because we have some sites with 1 router with 2 circuits, and other sites with 2 routers each with one circuit I am thinking to do 2 separate reports, one for 1 router sites and one for 2 router sites.

              On the 2 router sites I can label the router itself as Primary or Backup -- for these would run the report from the nodes table.

              On the 1 router site I will label the Interfaces Primary or Secondary -- then run report via the interface. 

              The reports seem like they will be complicated but will get me what I need.