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    Availability report related questions

      Is there a way to show when(Date/Time) the outage happened if the Availability is below 100%.

      It would be helpful, if the Availability goes under 100% that the row is highlighted and we can click on it to see the cause of this degrade.

      I think we also should see how many hours the site/service/etc. was down to clearly see what a deterioration of 1% mean.



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          Hi DeeGee,

          The feature you are describing looks great but currently does not exist. That should probably be possible by using two reports results embedded in the same asp page, but I do not know enough about ASP to help you on that.

          What you could do meanwhile is to create and run an Advanced SQL report that checks when a node has been down and for how long time.

          A report that shows how long time a node has been down based on the events has already been posted by jtimes in the content sharing zone Outage Duration Last Month. I recommend you to have a look at it to pick up ideas.