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    Monitoring Orion Poller Health


      For anyone who runs ipMonitor and Orion, you may be interested in a monitor that we use to determine the health of our Orion Pollers.

      We use an ADO: User Experience Monitor to query the Orion database directly. The Orion database maintains an Engines table that contains infomation on each poller.

      The SQL statement used in the ADO Monitor used looks like the following:

      select ServerName, KeepAlive, GetDate(), DateDiff(second, KeepAlive, GetDate())from [dbo].[Engines]
      where DateDiff(second, KeepAlive, GetDate()) > 60




      The keepalive column conatins date/time information for the last database update perfromed by each poller configured. Thus if the monitor returns 0 rows, then each poller has performed an update during the previous 60 seconds.

      If the monitor > 0, then we flag a failure (i.e. if a poller doesn't update within 60 seconds, then we assume we have an issue. In practice, our pollers normally update every second).