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    Missing Node List in Orion Network Performance Monitor 8.0


      How do you get the node list to show up in Orion Network Performance Monitor 8.

      I have our primary Orion server running on VM and then a clone of that machine running on a VM I am going to use to upgrade to Orion Network Perform 9.1.  On the clone the node list did not show up, but on the primary main server it did.  I looked through the ONPM documentation and noticed there was a section on Reassigning Nodes: "If a new name is used for Orion NPM server, it is added to the database as a new polling engine.  All current nodes remain assigned to the old polling engine name and must be reassigned to the new polling engine.  Well, I followed the instructions and now there are no nodes showing up on either server.  Right now in the Engine table of the NetPerMon database I just have one row with the primary server name and the ip address of the main Orion server, but the nodes are not showing up.  Anyone have a solution for restoring the node view?  I know the data is there in the database, I didn't touch anything other then the Engine table.


      Thanks for any help.